Unconscious: 2020 – A Journey into the Darkness

Year 2020: the darkness descends on our lives and our consciences. At the same time, I happen to watch a fiction about Freud and the presence of the unconscious returns overbearingly, which, as never before in this period, will exercise its power over the human soul. Closed in a house, I am particularly struck by the following Freud’s sentence:
I am a house, it is dark inside me, my conscience is a solitary light, a candle that flickers on one side and the other. Everything else is wrapped in shadow, everything else lies in the unconscious. But the other rooms are there: niches, corridors, stairs, doors … they are always there. Everything that lives inside it, everything that wanders inside it, is always there: it continues to live and operate, within the home that I am “.
So, I decided to document the interaction between the unconscious and the claustrophobic daily life, following the moments of fiction, through a long journey … into the darkness.



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